reservations and menu

A note on dietary restrictions – most can be accommodated with 1 day notice. Vegetarian or gluten free dinner and brunch options are always available – just make a note when reserving. For more complex dietary needs (Celiac, vegan, strict no dairy, multiple restrictions, etc.) we will have at least one option per course ready.

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*menus change seasonally, are tweaked often*

$45 easter brunch (subject to adjustments)

$59 dinner (including easter)

$59 dinner and a la carte drinks PDF

$26 brunch

vegan sample

vegetarian and and pescatarian sample

4 course dinner

march, 2023

 $59 per person


red beet soup cherrywood smoked beets, bacon, house crème fraîche
pistachio salad organic mesclun greens, house ricotta, citrus confiture,
candied pistachios, creamy nut dressing

wild mushroom risotto aged arborio rice, truffle aroma, crispy shiitake
root cake caramelized vegetables, spanish sweet paprika pimenton, smoked almonds, umami aïoli


wild mushroom risotto aged arborio rice, truffle aroma, crispy shiitake
steelhead trout slow cooked in olive oil then seared sustainable fish, house herb spätzle pasta, orange braised fennel, dill cream

cocoa braised short rib creamy semolina, caraway purple cabbage, crispy onion, chimi churri breadcrumbs

bird’s milk creme fraiche and vanilla bean marshmallow, poppy seeds,
winter compote, brown sugar rye crunch
caramelized honey cake warm spices, orange brûlée, lemon whip


2 course saturday and sunday brunch

 $26 per person


buckwheat crepe orange brûlée, demerara sugar, chocolate sauce

pistachio salad mesclun greens, house ricotta, candied pistachios, citrus confiture, creamy pistachio dressing

mini empanada free range chicken, spanish paprika pimenton

root vegetable cake smoked almonds, umami aïoli


truffled scrambled eggs applewood bacon, crispy potato, green salad

omelet crumbled italian pork sausage, caramelized onion, smoked gouda, chili garlic crunch, crispy potato, green salad

almond ricotta pancake applewood bacon, VA grade A maple syrup, strained yogurt, jam, crispy potato

fried egg sandwich pork confit, chimi churri, pickles, brioche, herbs de provence fries


crème fraîche wings $15 (spicy), applewood bacon $6, single almond ricotta pancake $8.5, fries with herbs de provence $5


lithuanian donut holes $9 nutella, sea buckthorn jam, vanilla bean ice cream, confectioner’s sugar