Private Dining

Please note these are our general guidelines, we are able to tailor the event according to your needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out to ricardo at

Our capacity

Maple Ave Restaurant is a perfect venue for intimate events. We can seat up to 30 people, with cocktail hour capacity of 40. As a cozy restaurant we do not have a private event room, therefore to serve parties larger than 12 we close the restaurant. However depending on the volume of current business, existing reservations, etc. parties up to 15 people may be accommodated without a buy out, please inquire.

What kind of events do we host?

In the past we’ve hosted staff appreciation, baby shower, bridal shower, birthday and anniversary celebrations, wedding, wedding rehearsal, christening, graduation parties, corporate meetings, etc. Each event is different (as are we), we’re happy to accommodate.

Our Chef is also available for local off site catering, from casual BBQ to private Chef’s tasting /wine dinner in the comfort of your home.

Food and Drinks

Soft and alcoholic beverages are charged on consumption. Wine is charged by the bottle. We could also customize the drink/wine pairings according to the chosen menu. Event menu will reflect our current seasonal offerings, dinner options are 3 to 5 courses, lunch and brunch menus flexible, depending on the size of the party.

Rental fee, tax and gratuity

Monday – Sunday strict 215pm to 5pm F&B minimum $300, no rental fee

Monday – Friday Lunch F&B minimum $500, no rental fee

Saturday – Sunday Brunch F&B minimum $1200, rental fee $300

Sunday-Thursday Dinner F&B minimum $900, no rental fee

Friday – Saturday Dinner F&B minimum $1500, rental fee $300

Food and beverage spending minimum includes soft and alcoholic drinks and reflects minimum charge at the end of event (plus rental fee (if applicable), tax and gratuity). To book the entire restaurant we will agree that your party commits to spend a pre-set minimum for food and beverages, therefore F&B minimum stands even if the amount of people served is less than planned. Automatic gratuity (20%) will be applied to the total F&B amount, tax (9%) is applied to the total before tip.


To make your event memorable, we encourage you to bring table setting items (including tablecloths, runners, votives, flower arrangements, etc). When planning please consider our cozy space limitations and please no confetti or glitter.

If you could briefly describe the event, we will have a better idea of how best to accommodate your party.