Meet the Farmer, Meet the Chef Dinner: November 1st


first course:  two squash soup, microgreens
second course:  MAM winter radish and turnip salad, fresh arugula
third course: sous vide Millcreek Farms short rib, charred onions, fresh radish, poached beets
fourth course: seared fuyu persimmons, housemade vanilla bean ice cream

Nowadays it’s rare to know what comes from which farms in a grocery store, what’s even more rare is to have the ability to speak to the farmers who grow the produce.  Which is why we decided to host the Meet the Farmer, Meet the Chef dinner today at Maple Avenue Market.  Maple Avenue Market is owned and operated by Chris and Sara.  The store focuses on featuring local small farms, what sets them apart is the fact that they themselves run a 2 acre farm right in Great Falls.  Most of the produce used for the dinner was grown by Chris and Sara including the eggs that were used for the ice cream.


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