Goodbye MAX the food truck, Hello new member of MAR family



Well, what can we say?  We had some awesome moments on our food truck, MAX.  It all began in Spring of 2010 when we thought we would just do one more crazy thing and run a food truck.  We had some crazy awesome days on the truck.  We want to thank you for all the love you showed MAX whether it was raining, hot as hell, snowing, etc you all came out to try our bulgogi, pork belly po’boy, veggie wrap, beer battered fries and so on.


We had to make a decision this past winter to say goodbye as we are expanding and need to focus all of our time and energy on this expansion.  We are expecting our second baby in July!  Charlotte, our first born will have to learn how to cook for her baby sister or baby brother very soon!!!


7 thoughts on “Goodbye MAX the food truck, Hello new member of MAR family

  1. Jocelyn Hsu

    Congrats! How exciting! Thank you for lending MAX to us for Food Day since he never came near enough to my office in Reston for me!

  2. Carol Brown

    Congrats on the new addition!! I shall miss MAX, but am very excited to learn that Charlotte will have a sibling. What wonderful news!!!

  3. Jonatha

    We’ll miss MAX at Howard & Boone….but we’re happy we’re close to Maple Ave, and we wish you the best with the new baby!


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