The Bigger Picture

For the love of food……

We opened our doors to the public August 15th last year. The road to getting Maple Ave Restaurant aka MAR was not easy but no one ever said opening your own place would be. We had a lot of support and then a lot of “you two are crazy” kind of comments. Perhaps, we are crazy but nothing is more important than following your dream.

In the first few weeks we were opened, we learned a lot about the business, friends, marketing etc. and we are still learning. We also met a lot of new faces, faces of customers that would soon become MAR regulars aka our extended family in Vienna. One of the families we met had recently moved to Vienna and in fact were unpacking there boxes still when they first came to give MAR a try… M & W. M has served our country in the armed forces for many years, being stationed in Alaska, Thailand, and more recently Iraq, remarkable person to know. W is a an amazing, strong woman – wonderful person to know. M&W became MAR regulars and therefore close friends of ours. A few months back, M&W came in for M’s last dinner in the states as he was going to be deployed to Iraq yet again. We were so happy that they came in and so happy that we were able to cook for them. We exchanged e-mails and asked M to keep in touch….

[quote style=”1″]About 2 weeks ago, we received an e-mail from M and this is what he shared with us: “I’ve been in Iraq for about five months now and am stationed on an Iraqi base on the east side of Baghdad…..Where I’m at we pretty much only get pre-packaged food to eat and that can get kind of old, so I find myself increasingly missing your cooking and hospitality…..One evening last week, I was on the roof of our building at dinner time with a Sergeant and Iraqi interpreter with whom I work. They were having a Gatorade shake and some Pop Tarts for dinner and I found myself looking over one of your menus, which I took the liberty of lifting from your restaurant the last time I was there….[/quote]

He even sent us a picture….

A few days ago, M& W came in as M is back in the states for 2 weeks. We again, were super excited to see them and cook for them. I think we will see them one more time before he goes back to Baghdad.

To some we were crazy for following our dream… but getting to know people like M&W and the rest of the regulars at MAR make the long days worth while. M&W thank you for all that you do for this country.

Tim and Joey and the MAR crew

2 thoughts on “The Bigger Picture

  1. Leslie

    “Nothing is more important than following your dream.” I needed a quick break from work and just reading this excerpt helped me slow down and take a breather from it all.

    Thank you! Absolutely love the revamp of

  2. Jean

    What a heart warming story! Besides the great food… Thank you for reminding us of the sacrifices of those who serve! Thank you MAR!


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